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Personal Injury

While our government wastes money in so many ways, our personal injury
and insurance system forces regular people to waste money at home.

For a long time I've supported tort reform. I may be the only
personal injury lawyer in New York who does.

Tort reform should not be about
windfall profits for insurance companies.
It should be about changes that will lower insurance premiums.
I'm talking about car accident insurance, homeowners insurance - insurance
that regular people pay for.

I advocate a simple version of tort reform -- pain and suffering
damages should only be available in cases of gross negligence.
Under current law, if you're going 56 in a 55 mph zone and
there's a car accident, you're negligent. That's ordinary negligence.

Most of us are guilty of that kind of negligence every day.
Let's remove the Lotto mentality behind personal injury cases,
and restrict pain and suffering to cases where there's gross negligence.

We shouldn't change anything for lost wages or medical bills.
But this change for "pain and suffering" would eliminate 90%
of the lawsuits out there, and greatly lower insurance premiums.