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Drunk Driving

I'm a drunk driving defense lawyer, and believe
our DWI laws are too harsh. Early efforts to curtail
drunk driving were successful, but the latest efforts
have gone too far. NY Courts waste taxpayer money
and hit regular people with huge bills for lawyers,
fines, and increased insurance premiums.

In New York, if you hit someone over the head
with a pool cue in a bar fight, you'll probably get
the charge reduced to a disorderly conduct violation
and pay a minimal fine of maybe $250. If you get
pulled over after 3 drinks, it will cost you $5000 or more.

I appreciate the harm caused by drunk driving, but
the BAC (blood alcohol content) level should be higher
and the penalties should not be so severe. Also, a
first-offender should be able to get a better deal than
what is usually offered to their DWI Attorney.

I also oppose the "prompt suspension" law. Under this law,
innocent drivers who defend themselves face a suspension
while the case is pending. By contrast, drunks who take a
deal get to keep driving (on a conditional license).
This is America. You're innocent until proven guilty.